Our team offer both domestic and commercial interior design services including Kitchens and Bathrooms


Tracey Andrews has brought her luxury interior design talents to Knightsbridge. Her projects span a wide and varied range of domestic and commercial projects, ranging from small scale single units / rooms to large scale properties or commercial buildings. Her designs are infamous for their individualistic bespoke approach.

Design is a multifaceted occupation that includes keen conceptual development of a project, excellent communication skills with clients and or other stakeholders in the project and the management and completion of the design. Tracey Andrews co-ordinates and manages such projects and uses her extensive experience for the finer details like lighting, soft furnishings and lighting if required.  

Space Planning

Maximising space, be it for domestic or commercial projects is a key feature of Tracey Andrews interior design service in Knightsbridge. As buildings become more and more expensive to buy/ rent ,especially in Knightsbridge and surrounding areas, it is absolutely crucial to use very conceivable inch of space to its maximum. Whilst maximising space, we are very careful to maintain a “healthy living approach” where people /staff will enjoy working or living.     

Kitchen Design

It is widely acknowledged that the kitchen is the most important room in the house and having a well appointed and designed kitchen can compliment its functionality many times over.

Families often gather in the kitchen to socialize as well as to eat. It is often called a “bonding area” as families gather to eat and chat here. Tracey Andrews believes in this theory and with over 30 years in the business can cater for all tastes whether it be modern or the classic styles or more open plan designs. We work with many Italian and German companies to bring you the best quality and top of the range classic kitchens.

Managed Interior Design in Knightsbridge

Tracey Andrews Managed interior design service in Knightsbridge has brought the “complete package” to your door irrespective of whether you are a private or commercial client. Every member of the team has the same focus on delivering quality workmanship with innovative and bespoke designs according to clients vision and expectations.

Essential to achieving high end finishes in interior design is having access to first class tradesmen and craftsmen who are highly skilled and up to date with all new innovations. Commercial clients include both hotels and offices and our expert teams are used to the challenges which such projects can entail. We have built a strong relationship with local architects and suppliers of of new and exciting trends in furnishings and lighting systems to collectively give your project an impressive and individualistic finish.

Why Choose Tracey Andrews Interiors?

Tracey Andrews has been interested in design from her youth. She studied Interior design at University and slowly after graduating she set up her own company in 2004. Her attention to detail is key she believes, as is delivering exactly what the client wants. Tracey believes that time invested in getting to know the client, their background and understanding their vision is time very well spent. She has also built up a wide portfolio of creations which she can deliver or adapt to suit peoples different vision, needs, styles and expectations.

Tracey understands that delivering all of the above on time and to budget are key factors which customers desire and deserve. Good communication is essential and this permeates throughout the company starting from the first contact to delivery of the finished project.  

If you would like to find out more about her interior design services in Knightsbridge & Belgravia then please contact Tracey through the website contact form or simply call on +44 (0)1992 414 469.


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