Grand Designs Live

A room set design for Grand Designs Live 2015. The brief - Colour Blocking. Combined media and library room.

Conjuring the serenity of colonial style with the spontaneity of yellow. Inspired by an exotic blend of nature’s favourite colour combinations; green and white.

A vibrant display of rain forest inspired wallpaper designed by Charlotte Jade, provides the backdrop for an eye - popping yellow sofa supplied by Sofa and Chair Company.

Application of white rubber flooring - from Harvey Maria, and natural wood bring all the elements together for a fresh, light and exciting setting. A screened area by a central media cabinet designed by Paolo Marchetti, offers a separation from reading and lounging areas. 

It was a great opportunity be part of an exhibition environment, immersed in the hub of cutting-edge design and rubbing shoulders with the most well-known designers such as George Clark, Jo Hamilton and the frontman of Channel 4’s Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud. Who could not fail to be inspired!

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