landscape kitchen design

Scandinavian Style

Client Project and scope:

My client and her young family required a more modern space. A Scandinavian and biophilic element was suggested to embrace the garden and the wider leafy residential area. We proposed to breakthrough from the existing dining room to kitchen enabling a much wider use of the space enabling the family to be more social. An area for home office/work space was also desired. 




View of opened up space, the dining area.

Once the dividing wall was removed we created a new bespoke island, more proportionate to the existing space, then layering from the ground up we fitted blonde wood flooring, painted neutral walls and leading wall in a textured wallpaper. Now, with an abundance of light we placed additional faux plant pendant over the island and strap pendant on a dimmer switch over the dining table giving this space a natural lift. Leaf green velvet bar stools for a touch of warmth and dotted plants throughout completed the green aspect of sympathetically bringing the outside in.

Moodboard and vision.

We reserved an area for a small home office.

The dining area.

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