A note from the founder …

With a background in the curtains and soft furnishings industry and then furthering my career with a degree in interior design, I created my company in 2004. A bespoke interior design service which at the very heart has built personal and trusting relationships with past and new clients.

I balance my passion with creativeness and practicality, promising to deliver interior design you will love. With styling that is versatile, eclectic and fresh, blending classic with contemporary, the old and the new. The success relies heavily on grasping a complete understanding of my clients lifestyle and conveying full trust with design and delivery.

Just like every picture tells a story, a home should tell a story and a journey about the person or people who live there; Every single detail can be traced back to a memory, inspiration from a place or an experience. It could even be a sound or a smell.

You may like to bring with you family treasures that have been past down from generations before, or you may be stepping bold and creating a new start and new design, new life even. Whether it’s one room, two to three rooms or complete new build I and my team are ready to delight you with our services.

I love to learn about my clients and discover their lifestyles, their journey in life, and use this understanding to build the foundations for their interior design schemes. With the support of an exceptional team - trusted relationships with suppliers and contractors, I assure my clients of a complete managed project.’