Our vintage and up-cycled furniture shop opened this month!

Going back to my roots yeah! - a hit by Odyssey, 1981. It’s true I have just touched on returning to my home town, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Not to move but to open a small shop which in sort of a way has a connection with a job I used to do near by, and also having just completed a 4 month project for a client. I have had the pleasure of reminiscing the good times and visiting old haunts whilst sourcing and venturing to call upon local businesses which I tend to do. There is a story unfolding here!

It has been an interest of mine and of that in the past I restored antique furniture in a store located in Baldock, not far from Hitchin. This was during the good ole eighties when pine furniture was in abundance. Today we are lucky  enough if we are indeed to catch glimpse of a real old beauty, such as an old pine dresser or washstand. For me the pieces I worked on were more than just a fashion or a trend of the time, or even practical, they told of an age and of history; every piece had  a story. I am curious, where are they all now? Back to the story …


I have opened a small shop area in Lifestyle, Churchgate, Hitchin.Unknown As it’s name suggests - a store offering furniture and household goods; vintage, antique and new. What I love about the shop is its relaxed atmosphere and unpretentious air, and on selling preference from store owner, Jo and Anna, anything goes.

A very unassuming and intriguing place to be as you meander the isles and bays looking for that perfect find. You are sure to be amazed as stock changes everyday. What ‘goes’ for me is the restored, up-cycled and painted furniture, mirrors, lighting and fabrics which is what you find from my collection and throughout the store.

So, when I am out and about sourcing for clients I have an eagle eye for new finds,and in many a client visit there is often the odd chest of drawers that are just crying out for a re-style! So it goes on … I love to stumble upon old light fittings whether it be victorian or retro and fabrics and cushions are must additions for my collection.

If you are looking for Bohemian to retro, strictly antique or just browsing, Lifestyle in Hitchin is where you will find our spot of lovingly restored furniture, up cycled and painted, antique and new. Along with a collection of mirrors, oodles of fabrics, cushions and oddities that are only cherished in the eye of the beholder. Items  that we are selling are gradually appearing on our site too. Opening Hours: Tues - Sat  10.00 - 5.00 and Sun  - 10.00 - 4.00