What does your home say about you?

Summer 2022 was a dream. Swelteringly hot days followed by balmy nights - a climate I could revel in forever. Those long days of guaranteed sunshine assisted a window of time to finally address renovations in our home, outside of the property, rather than the inside, which is thankfully nearly completed. Unfortunately, life as an interior designer does not always mean that your house has priority. It made me think about how important it is to have a beautiful home not only on the inside but outside too.

We all love to decorate our homes in a particular style or aspire to the latest trend or movement. Whether dividing our spaces with Crittal steel frames, bi-folds for that infinity view, or even a step further, maybe the provision of an outside kitchen station? Possibly leave that till next year, shall we?

Whatever we choose, there is always something to improve on. Every interior design decision reveals a lot about our personality and lifestyle and applies to the exterior too.

Take a look at the psychology behind the face of your home and discover what it reveals about you.


Similar to meeting someone new, first impressions are sometimes the last. Sometimes those impressions apply to the person, and sometimes, they do not. Never judge a book by its cover, they say. Let’s see if the following evaluations of the exterior of your home match your personality.

Image attribution: Nik Guiney.



Eyes are the windows of the soul, and windows are the eyes into the soul of your house. Homeowners who strive to keep well-maintained woodwork or aluminium frame versions and, with additional attention to detail of the way window dressings appear to the world from the outside, show someone fastidious, pedantic, conscientious, and proud.


Windows express an owner’s personality; doors are the portals of the house through which the change of environment from the outside suggests an invitation to the inside. The importance of your hallway is the introduction to the feel of the rest of the house. The grand opening, a taste of what is to come.

Who would have thought that the colour of your front door could reveal your personality? But, with a light-hearted analysis, research by Dulux Weathershield has shown that an assumption is made in less than 10 seconds after seeing the colour of their front door. So are you welcoming, mysterious or simply just love that colour?


Fiery, bloody, raising pulse rates and associated with passion. These people are driven, confident, statement fanatics, extroverts and energetic.


Depends on the intensity. Take Ral 6002, or engineers green; active, alert, promoting stability and movement, sincerity. Vert de Terre or Lichen, a popular choice from Farrow & Ball, exudes nature. It’s calming and restful on the eyes. Green has connotations of health and wellbeing. Whether in the country or the town, the personalities behind this colour are orderly, peaceful, and adore nature.

Navy Blue.

This colour denotes formality and intelligence. Restful but not too comfy. Makes you double-take and wonder what type of person lives behind there. Baby Blue. For the young and innocent. Tenderness, sensitivity and kindness.

Black & Grey.

Sincere and formal personalities for these austere hues. Constitutional, diplomatic, medicinal, and political.


Associated with pureness, simplicity and peace. Owners are contented and unpretentious. Neutral in views and peace-loving.


Fun-loving, breezy and bright. Sociable, welcoming and happy hosts will greet you at their doors and be more than pleased to invite you in. Yellow is found quite often on coastal areas and promenades.


Creative, charismatic, holistic, nurturing, playful and open-minded. Purple holds mixed values of warmth and coolness, energy and calm. Be prepared for the unexpected!


Outgoing and mischievous, carefree and young at heart. Creativeness has no boundaries. Beautiful people that open up their hearts to anyone.


Few and far between. Quirky, daring to be different. Socialable and enjoys the challenges of life. If you want to open a conversation, then paint your door orange.


Stable, reliable and traditional. Down to earth and private, helpful and sometimes cautious.


Does your house have curb appeal? The colour of the masonry may say a lot about you. The brighter its appearance, the happier and more outgoing perhaps, but its ‘not always possible to have the colour you desire due to council preferences. It is noted that the sunnier the climate, the more flamboyant painting of the exterior. Is this due to being more relaxed and not stifled by the cold? Overall tidiness, perfect paintwork and well-maintained say you care and have an orderly ship. You are outgoing, ostentatious, and proud. 


Is the roof watertight and pristine with slated and tiles secure? The top is your protection, armour, and headgear to keep the elements at bay. Cool in the summer and dry in the winter. Maintaining your secure roof shows resilience and that you aim to stay at your abode for a long time by investing in its security.

Your pathway and beyond

Is it clear and clean with the weeds uprooted, the carelessness of other’s litter removed too? Or even along the pathway and beyond? Taking action on this scale shows a caring far more than the everyday tasks to keep your appearances up. You must be rewarded with the most squeaky clean personality with your house in total order. Welcome, Mr and Mrs Bucket! 

Written by Tracey Andrews - Any enquiries please contact me here! or call for a friendly chat: 07951 203525



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