We are often asked what is Project Based Interior Design.

Simply put, we as Interior Designers like to handle the whole project with our clients. It isn’t a ‘possessive’ thing, or even a ‘control’ thing - it is simply that we take pride in what we do and love working closely with our customers to ensure a consistent look, feel and quality of product. Not only that we can help the process run smoothly and keep it monitored.

We recently saw an Interior Design project in London that must have had at least 3 separate companies involved. The individual rooms and interiors were fantastic but….as a whole, it all looked a little bit disconnected.

By all means have different textures, curtains, blinds and furniture in all your rooms, but wouldn’t it be great if we could get the feeling that there is a flow, a definite style as you enjoy the ambience of your home?

At Tracey Andrews Interiors, we take particular care to ensure our clients, whether in London, Cambridge or indeed our home county of Hertfordshire are happy with our style guides and mood boards before we undertake an interior design project.

As designers we look after all the nitty gritty details that go towards developing a room setting from cushions to curtains to wall coverings  - whether a distinctive wall paper to exceptional wall paint to an art print or original, we fine tune everything to the last detail - after all, an interior designer that cannot manage the whole project - is really not any use to you at all. We look after your Interior Design project from start to finish - what more could you ask?

If you are looking at redesigning your home or office, please do take an opportunity to call us or email us through our contact form


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