During 2020 we all spent a lot more time in our homes. While it kept us safe, staring at the same four walls got a little boring. If you were holding back from redoing your interiors spaces last year, now is a great time to freshen up your home. So here are the must-have styles and looks that are big in 2021.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside​

Being cooped up inside for some of last year has many of us longing for nature and the great outdoors. As people aren’t getting out as much as they used to, they’re bringing the outdoors indoors and incorporating natural themes by turning their homes into plant paradises. Plants not only make any space look beautiful, they also purify the air and improve moods.

Incorporating Earthy Colours

Staying with nature, and warm earthy tones such as browns, beiges and terra cotta will be popular choices. Each year Pantone selects its Colour of the Year that it believes will dominate fashion and home decor. For 2021, it’s a deep, brooding grey known as Ultimate Grey alongside Illuminating, a sunny yellow hue. It is a colour combo to express the contrast between the difficulties we have had this year, the grey and optimism for the future in the yellow.

Including Organic Shapes

Another nature-inspired trend is using organic and undulating shapes. They’re not regulated by exact dimensions in their angles and curves and are just like the shapes we see when we venture outdoors. For example, leaves, rock formations and landscapes.

So instead of seeing modular and rectangular shapes dominating homes, more people will opt for organic forms that give rooms a more relaxed vibe. There are several ways to use organic shapes in your interiors, such as:

• Choosing chairs and sofas with rounded corners and purchasing circular or curved tables.
• Opting for circular or unusually shaped rugs.
• Selecting decorative accessories that are shaped like sea creatures, shells, small animals, leaves or pebbles.
• Hanging up wall art that features soft lines.

organic scaled interiors

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Adding Natural Materials

As we seek to get closer to nature, designers and homeowners are embracing more natural materials. Rattan and cane furniture have been on many people’s shopping lists for several years, but this will be expanded to include other natural materials. Among them are:

• Woods such as cherry, pine, maple or oak for flooring, furniture and wall coverings.
• Bamboo, a beautiful, sustainable material that can be used for decorations, window treatments and flooring.
• Seagrass. You don’t have to live near the sea or want a beach-themed home to add seagrass. For example, seagrass rugs and carpets are delightful additions to any space and can easily blend in with the rest of your furnishings.
• Shells create wonderful accessories such as lampshades, centrepieces and pendant lights.
• Marble and natural stones are fabulous choices for showers, flooring, backsplashes and countertops.

Letting in the Light

A key interior design trend for 2021 is letting as much natural light into our homes as possible, especially during the long winter months. Heavy curtains will give way to blinds, sheer curtains or even bare windows. Natural light can make any space feel larger and less confined than it is and make colours and various finishes on walls and furniture look lively.

Using Wallpaper Again

Wallpaper is making a welcome return. Its popularity has been steadily rising in recent years, but 2021 is the year of its full comeback. There’s so much you can do with it, such as creating a statement wall, using two wallpapers on the same wall for a bold and memorable look, and creating colourful backing for cabinets. An excellent option is to use versatile peel and stick wallpaper. If you get bored of one design, you can easily take it down and replace it with another.

Image: Courtesy from Mind The Gap.

Creating A Work-From-Home Space

Due to the pandemic, more people than ever before decamped from their offices to work from home. While some are venturing back to their cubicles owing to the success of vaccination programmes, many have fallen in love with the idea of working from home. Consequently, there is an appetite for creating home office spaces that are functional and attractive while incorporating elements that boost productivity. Sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop will not do anymore. Ideas include:

• Choosing desk accessories with storage potential so as not to clutter up your space.
• Investing in-home office furnishings with form and functions, such as attractive bookends and stylish shelving.
• Surrounding yourself with beautiful, inspiring things such as wall art.

The Home Office. Was the must have room set aside for work throughout the Pandemic. Image. Tracey Andrews Interiors

Final Thoughts

Remember, when it comes to interior design, you don’t have to rigidly adhere to these hot trends for 2021. You can tweak and adapt them to work harmoniously with your own tastes and preferences.

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