How to Make Your Living Space Look Luxe

Luxury Interior Design Tips

When most people hear the phrase “luxury interior design,” they think wall-to-wall marble, chandeliers dripping with diamonds, gold taps and expensive works of art. However, when we talk about luxury in the context of decorating homes, the term is actually a rather vague one and means different things to different people. To some, it refers to an ultra-high-end interior where no expense has been spared while to others; it’s an expression of self.

Luxury interior design is all about the experience and what is personal to you, and that doesn’t necessarily have to involve splashing the cash. For example, what could be more luxurious and decadent than a long soak in a deep bath of bubbles in a candlelit bathroom. No considerable budget required for that.

While the term “luxury” can be challenging to define, the typical hallmarks are elegance, comfort and customised touches. With that in mind, here are some handy suggestions to give your home a luxe look.

Embark on a Ruthless Declutter

Luxury interiors are as varied as the homeowners themselves, but one thing they all have in common is an absence of clutter. A home that is heaving with stuff looks messy rather than chic.

The starting point is having super-clean and organised spaces, stripped of the odds and ends that accumulate over time. So embark on a phase of ruthless decluttering, eliminating everything except what you need for everyday living and a handful of important personal possessions.

Let In More Light

Have you noticed how luxurious interiors are bathed in light? They immediately strike you as more spacious and welcoming. If you can, enlarge your windows to let in more daylight and install skylights. Another option is to put up stylish mirrors that not only look stunning, but they also bounce back light into a room and help to open up a space.

Play with Textures

A luxurious interior is evident with good quality textures. They add depth and interest to a room,

and like everything else should be a reflection of your tastes. This is where you can have a lot of fun by getting creative and playing with textures. Consider the softness of deep pile rugs, the purity of glass and metal, the earthiness of wood and the pleasure of sensual fabrics such as leather. Another way to add texture to a room is with patterned wallpaper. Mix and match textures to create a dynamic space with a luxurious feel. 


Adding a handful of luxurious accessories goes a long way to creating something special. Think carefully about what you could add to really finish off a room and take your luxurious interior design to the next level. For example, candles, vases, unique ornaments, antiques and trinket trays.

Don’t Forget the Curtains

Curtains are often an afterthought, but that is a mistake. Dressing windows with beautiful drapes is a simple and effective way of creating a luxurious feel. Gorgeous, long and flowing curtains that drape on the ground and details such as ornate tiebacks can transform a room.

Beautiful Touches

Of course, you can remodel each room and completely refurbish from top to bottom. If that’s not your plan, here are some simple less drastic ways to add magnificent touches:

  • Install new granite countertops in the kitchen and LED strip lighting under the breakfast bar.
  • Create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. Set the tone with relaxing colours, upgrade your shower, or at least your shower head, incorporate nature by adding a house plant or two, add candles with soothing scents and purchase new towels. 
  • Choose elegant lighting fixtures to elevate a space from drab to dazzling. You can even just experiment with different lampshades.
  • Hang large-scale art to give rooms the WOW factor.
  • Incorporate exciting shapes to create some intrigue. For example, geometric glass coffee tables and chairs that look like works of art.

Luxury Living

Your idea of a luxe interior is going to be very different from somebody else’s. Perhaps you want a modern swish space with a vast expanse of glass or a traditional room with reproduction furniture. Whatever your tastes, take your time and enjoy the journey of creating your luxurious home.

Update the Fittings

Any interior space can be instantly transformed by updating fittings such as doorknobs, cupboard handles, light switches and bathroom and kitchen taps. Pick smart, elegant designs to provide your home with a high-end feel. Sometimes just a few small and simple changes can make a huge difference.

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