Crittal-style has made a welcome come back.


Crittall-style has been rocking the interior design world for some time, and as designers, we embrace its use with steely lines and sassy presence. It’s a welcome comeback, and not just as in windows and doors. We see it re-imagined in wet rooms - as shower screens, modern apartments as partitions and also reflected in every interior accessory such as mirrors and light fittings.

What is the Crittall-style?

A throwback to the original window design created by ironmonger Francis Henry Crittal in 1860. Out of the desire to develop quality steel windows he formed a small company and Crittall became the brand name. How curious to wonder for a moment how surprised he would have been to learn how synonymous his name and product would become much later in the 21st  century.

Why is Crittall so cool?

Crittall is edgy, minimalist, and versatile. With its eye-catching frames and modern lines, it compliments all types of spaces whether industrial, mid-century or Scandinavian. Grid-like windows compliment large industrial spaces. Think warehouse - exposed brick and open plan, all demanding zoned areas for an inviting and useable living space.


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How much do Crittall windows cost?

Crittal windows and frames do not come cheap, but do provide the best and high end look. Priced at about £2,500  per sq m, but there are those on a cheaper scale that look just as good, if  not the real McCoy. For those on a tighter budget aluminium Crittall doors do exist, and although they’re not the same quality, they are cost effective with quicker lead times.

Real or replica, how do we know?

Crittall is the worlds’ leading supplier of steel windows, the original, using cutting edge design and manufacturing expertise. They offer unparalleled engineering and production capacity and are specified for historic and refurbishment projects, replicating and replacing architecturally significant metal windows.

There are however some brilliant companies that supply reproductions of the Crittall- style like Artsteel. They can provide internal and external products that really ‘steal the show’, pardon the pun, and as aesthetic and functional as the real product. They can deliver any desire from shower screens to windows and doors.

How do we apply Crittal?

Crittall doors are used for internal partitions and great for dividing up and zoning spaces allowing for more space and light. The proportion needs considering. Crittall needs space and works well in a large area. That is not to say it cannot be used it on a smaller scale; in shower cubicles, hallways and separating more significant spaces in extensions and kitchens as we regularly see it being used in bi-folds - a craze that has taken over from the traditional white and aluminium windows.

Crittall has come along way, and it’s here to stay.

There is no denying that Critall has captured the nation’s imagination. With the flooding of our Pinterest feeds and domination of our most favourite and coveted magazine articles, we have access to many ideas of how to apply this beautiful style. A trend, maybe, but a trend that should never end. It is classic, timeless, contemporary and of oh so cool!

Some Crittal Facts.

‘The Houses of Parliament have Crittal Windows!’

‘In 2018 an original art deco house with Crittall windows went up for sale, and the last time it was in the year the Second World War broke out and is still brimming with original features. The keys to this time capsule home called Heol Bryngwili in Cross Hands near Llanelli, in Wales, were handed to the first owners in the autumn of 1939 - and it has remained in the same family until now.’

‘The term ‘Crittall’ is often used in a general way to refer to black steel-framed windows, but brand Crittall is the orginal.

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