These days, we all seem to be so busy…

And actually the busier you are, the more in need you are of a welcoming, relaxing space. You need a home where you can kick off your work shoes, focus on some fun family activity, or chill out when the kids are asleep.

Interior Design for busy people

Whatever stage of life you’re at, and whatever is keeping you busy, here’s how Tracey Andrews Interiors can help you…

Design services for the busy professional


When you’re on your feet so much, somewhere to put them up becomes an even more attractive option. After a hectic week at work, the last thing you need is a weekend spent trawling the shops or DIY stores in search of the perfect, finishing touches.

We work with a lot of busy professionals, and find that they often know exactly what they want, but really don’t have the time to source it out. Hunting for that perfect sofa, wallpaper, or mirror is a big part of the service we offer, and something that’s much appreciated by busy people. We can also take on whole room or even house re-designs – because even if you rarely seem to touch base these days, having a base that you love is so important.


A house for baby.


When people are expecting their first child, naturally they focus on a nursery for the newborn. And that’s a lovely, lovely job – all those soft tones and cute little features. But don’t forget that ultimately, you need to adapt the whole house… Creating a nest for the little one is important - but don’t forget to design a serene space for yourself. Sleep will become the Holy Grail, and a cool, calm space to grab some rest is essential.

The arrival of a new household member changes the dynamic of the whole home. I often discuss storage with my clients at this point, as they’re going to need it!  A clean, contemporary look is still possible with a young family – it just requires more thought and design.

However nesting you feel, it’s not the time to be climbing ladders to hang curtains, or even stressing over paint charts – we’ll do that for you.












All you high flyers out there!

For you, life is for living. You work hard and play hard, and the high flyer in you just won’t let go!  So kick back, party, till the cows come home -  we will take care of all your interior design requirements.

Something for all the family














A home develops with the family. It’s unlikely that your teenager still really loves his Thomas the Tank Engine wallpaper, and small girls do eventually grow out of the princess stage. When you have older kids and a job, it’s really hard to find time for anything apart from daily fire fighting – I know, I’ve been there! But as the kids grow up and start to need their own spaces, you need to have a good look at your home.

It’s the right time to take stock of how you use your home, creating great spaces where you can all do things together, break-out spaces for separate activities, and private spaces such as bedrooms. We take on whole-house projects, looking at the best uses for each space, and each family member’s needs. 

Creating the work-life balance

Setting up in business or taking on more work is always a busy time. We all have a tendency to just shove our laptops on the kitchen table and get on with it. However, investing in a good work space is essential.

I’ve created some fab home offices and studies for clients. Their businesses can’t stop while the paint dries, so my team and I have taken on all the project management for them, and complete the job while they continue working. The result – a dedicated workspace where home workers can really “get in the zone”.

Busy being retired

window-932760_1920There’s this assumption that when people retire they love to potter around the house and do a lot of gardening. Nonsense, everyone is different, and you might want to spend all your time on holiday, or at the very least, catch up on all those long lunches you’ve missed out on for the last forty years. However one thing is true for most people - you can finally get the house you want.

Without the nine-to-five, you’re bound to be using your space differently. What do you need? A better entertaining area? A garden room as a light and airy reading/painting space? A new spare room for when the family return?  (We can still make the house grandchild-proof if necessary…) And don’t waste your new-found time on fabric samples - hand it over to us!

We’ll make sure you have the home you want

However crazy things sometimes seem, make sure you still love where you live. A well-designed, attractive, and organised space that suits your lifestyle will ultimately make life easier for you, as well as more pleasurable.

To find out how we can make sure you have the home you adore, please contact us

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