One of the many questions I am asked as an interior designer is most definitely, where do I find inspiration for my clients’ home design, or indeed my own? Well, apart from the obvious of hiring me for your home based project of course, I give this simple advice: it’s all about the basics of using memory and intuition. If you want to own an interior that is tailored to you, like having a second skin, then this is  where to begin. It’s not always as obvious as choosing a shade of colour or comfortable sofa. Let’s delve deeper!


Over the next couple of months I am going to take you through some simple stages to accomplish your perfect home design.This week we will discover that it is not only about visual elements in a room that can give the wow factor, but also about a feeling. Interior design is all about feeling. This can be achieved regardless of budget or desire. Visual or feeling, which one do you think is the most important?


The starting point is all about that feeling.

You have to reel your thoughts back to ‘firsts’. First memories: a summer location that you visited with your parents, or first home that you lived in as a child. If you can’t think that far back then it may be a more recent visit to a far-flung destination, or the interior of a hotel that you just simply enjoyed the ambience of and connected to. Think about the colours that surrounded you and the objects that were present, and how you felt at that time. These visuals and feelings can contribute towards the basics of how you would love your home to look and feel. These are the first steps, and I always ask these questions at an interior design consultation: ‘How do you want to feel in your home and how do you see the outcome?’ Imagine the feeling and see the outcome.






Along with the visuals and feelings, there is another aspect to draw from, and that is smells. Smells, or aromas to label a finer description. Yes, they can evoke pleasure or disdain. You can always associate an aroma to a memory or experience. So, interior design is all wrapped up as a visual presentation, a feeling and also about smells! Bet you didn’t see that one coming! In return, all the elements slot into a wonderful illusion that touches all the senses. So in answer to the question, which is more important, visual or feeling? Simply has to be both.


To recap, to take a hold on a design direction for your home, first wind back to the basics. What do you feel intuitively? What colours did you enjoy as a child? What do you enjoy now and how has it changed? Finally, smells and aromas, how have they influenced your memories? Make a list- I love lists! Take some time out to write down these discoveries of memories,likes and dislikes, and think why. Subconsciously these will help you to discover the basics of your scheme.




I will leave you with this thought. Ever visited a restaurant or hotel and enjoyed your experience within the interior so much that it was nt until you left you realised just how easily you had been taken to another time and place. So, interior design is not only what you visually see but also about a feeling, and these have to be worked together to achieve that stunning outcome. 

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