Interior design is a diverse subject from the most basics of choosing colour to the complexities of understanding historical fashions and architecture, space planning, acoustics, lighting and a learning of health and safety regulations particularly in commercial situations. Sometimes the services of an interior designer are misconstrued and what they are actually accredited for.

Interior designers are trained by education which spans four to five years training, followed by examination, and then experience. There is a wealth of knowledge that a designer has that can be tapped into.

However we focus, home is where the heart is and this is where we bring our expertise. When you’re spending time and money on your interior design project, obtaining some expert advice can be a really good idea. We will bring you the latest and very best in interior design to suit your own individual style and taste.

Whether small or large projects we aim to provide you with a friendly and helpful guide to create your perfect style. Our service begins with a meeting to discuss your project, and with reliable and local tradespeople and a wealth of product resources be prepared to be pampered with a first class service!

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