It’s time to buy a new sofa- and nothing defines the look of your sitting room as much as its largest piece of furniture. Here’s my (tongue-in-cheek) guide to what your sofa says about your personality, and what sort of piece might suit you and your lifestyle.


What style should you be looking for? Is your sofa something to laze around on in a feline state of comfy contentment? Or is a statement piece, the furniture equivalent of a Rolex?


Read on to discover what your selection of sofa says about you - and also to pick up a few recommendations and suggestions along the way…

A contemporary look

Sleek, metal legs, pretty uncomfortable to be honest? Yes, that’s the one. Modern sofas can put presentation and perfection above comfort, and the on-trend sofa owner is prepared to sacrifice cosiness for looks. If you have this type of sofa, you’re smart, sassy, and stylish.

Sofa from

Do you prefer a traditional sofa?


You like a classic, and there’s nothing wrong with embracing the traditional. After all, a good quality sofa is not cheap, so you want something that transcends trends.  Your style is time-honoured, and in general, you prefer to play it safe.


Or a funky futon?

You’re laid-back and sociable - and if not still in the student sleepover days, you’re at least still young at heart, and have plenty of drop-in guests at your door. Futons, that 1980s staple, are fun and fabulous, and definitely deserve a place in today’s homes.

Are you divided by sectional sofas?

This is a lively solution to a practical issue - how to fit as much seating as possible into a room. You’re an intelligent problem-solver, who likes to make sure that their home suits their lifestyle. A sectional sofa is customising your furniture - but in a rather safe and modular way. Maybe you’re not as radical as you believe…

Seriously, a sectional sofa is a great choice if you want to tailor your seating to your space and your family. But - are you a sectional “U” person or a sectional “C” person? Or a you a sectional chaise person, who enjoys both sociable and me-time? That’s a whole other issue…

Just sitting a-round

This is the perfect choice if your sofa is the social centre of your home. Room for pizzas, pets, kids, friends, DVD cases… You get the picture. Just choose the wipe-clean finish…

You’re well-rounded (sorry) and lively - and ideally, you have a big sitting room, or this sofa would eat up most of your floorspace.












Lovely love seats

From Loaf.

It’s small and oh-so-cosy. This is such an appealing idea - an intimate love seat sofa, designed to curl up with someone you adore. (It needn’t be a partner. A dog or a good book is equally appropriate!) Try it in a velvety fabric, with a generous scattering of vintage cushions. For the incurable romantic.

Reclining and electrical sofas

No, please, don’t stop reading - you’ve not reached the colour supplement advert pages. Don’t dismiss a reclining or electrical sofa just because your gran has one. They are the most brilliant invention for those who really like to kick back and relax. You can tailor your seating to suit your own comfort, and what you’re doing at the time (upright for coffee, reclined for reading).

From Darlings of Chelsea

The reclining sofa owner is very good at saying “Oh, what the hell!” and kicking off their shoes. Closer to Chandler’s apartment than Gran’s living room.

The “personless” sofa

It’s true - some sofas are not to be sat upon. These designer beauties are trophy sofas. You’d not more slump on this with a cuppa than you’d go out wearing catwalk clothes. The lucky owners of these statement pieces are cool, calm and controlled, people who know what they want and will make sure they get it.couch-447484_1920

I like to think that they have a dog-haired old sofa hidden in the kitchen, where they slob out when nobody’s looking. Even runway models wear leggings sometimes…

Pre-loved sofas

A practical piece of frugality, a vintage choice, or an inherited sofa that came with the flat? There are many reasons why many of us end up with a second-hand sofa at some point. Embrace your inner student and customise it with some cushions to suit your own scheme, or maybe re-cover it.books-552572_1920

It’s difficult to define the personality of the pre-loved sofa owner, as it depends on how the sofa came into your life. Make it yours, love it for its history, or simply shrug and accept that wine or coffee stains won’t be the end of the world.

The Master Builder

This ranges from Ikea flat pack to charity shop makeover. You are practical and hands-on, and never happier than when wielding a screwdriver. You may even be an interior designer…sofa-1158766_1920


So there’s my quick guide to sofas and their owners. If you need some assistance in getting your furniture just right for your home and your lifestyle, please contact me. Whether you’re a contented cat or an on-trend modernist, I’ll help you find the perfect pieces for you.

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