There is no doubt that 2020 was an enduring year for us all. With a worldwide pandemic at our feet and an ever more challenge to combat climate change, it was no wonder we were left shaken. Our daily lives were turned upside down to pose a pivotal year for questioning of values and shifting our perspectives beyond belief. The message and lesson learnt - that we should not take for granted what we have.


2021 is a new beginning

Commonplace, interior designers are accelerating their use of environmentally safe products and materials, forging ahead to address the issues. Furthermore, the importance of well-being within the spaces created come into more focus. Whether you are planning small or large projects, there are ways to achieve some feel-good factors with a nod to the protection of our loving planet

Natural and recyclable materials are the way forward for sustainability within our interior design.

New Year’s Planning 

The new year is always a perfect time for a fresh start, and metaphorically speaking - ‘put our ‘green’ houses in order’. As a nation, we are devoted to the interior design of our homes, particularly now as we spend more and more time in them. We have always been proud of making spaces individual to ourselves and reflecting how we feel.

Choose natural products.

Choose natural and recyclable materials. Paint is one of the most widely used material in any project. You may be surprised to learn that Dulux use 35 % recycled paint, and The Little Greene Company have always been committed to protecting the environment with water and vegetable oil-based paints, wallpapers sourced from FSC and PETC certified sustainable forests. Find sustainable wallpaper from Eco Deco with some natural textures that fit with so many schemes. Be cautious about throwing away wallpaper - most are non-recyclable due to a coated layer of vinyl or polythene.

Good lines

Little Greene have always been an eco friendly product.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens are hubs of the home, a place to cook, eat and socialise, a showpiece for the overall value and feel of your house. According to a recent Houzz survey, nearly 60% of us are opening up our kitchens to other rooms, and 35% are knocking walls down to create more space. January and February are notoriously a time to start rethinking not only the design and function but what sustainable materials you could use. Steam showers and saunas favoured in Bathrooms, a place to reboot and feel revitalised. 

Recycled kitchens. Image attribute. Tracey Andrews Interiors.

More meaningful interiors.

Meaningful interiors are ones that contain the philosophy that they influence us every day in many ways. What we place in them will create memories forever and will influence choices in the future. It is important how you feel within a space. Think boutique hotels – how they draw you into an envelope of comfort and revitalise you. Consider recycling a used kitchen or use recycled materials from scratch. These create a back story or talking point.

Creatures of habit

We are such creatures of habit that we naturally reach out for the ready available rather than the traditional and individualistic approach, usually due to lack of time. By collaborating with artisans and local business will not only gain bespoke items but also help keep alive diminishing crafts and boost the economy. Recycle where you can and dismiss the throughway society, we have become accustomed.


Artisan furniture from London’s Blackbird Bespoke Furniture


As well as being mindful of that we care there is always a license to escape! There’s nothing quite like a bit of escapism. Create spaces that leave your cares behind you, gathering inspiration from places you have travelled to and visit inspiring shops to fill them! One of my favourite haunts for furniture and accessories a little on the wild side is Andrew Martin on Walton St, London. Here you will discover unique designs of ancient travellers’ pieces and a vibrant blend of global furniture and lighting to transport you. 

Photo Credit. Andrew Martin,Walton St,London,SW3 2JL
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