Time to get savy with your curtain designs …

Spring is here at last, and summer is on its way. It brings with it all the joys of living in a more temperate climate. It is not always sure fire that we will enjoy a perfect summer season, but we can at least expect some warmer temperatures and increased light levels from about April onwards to October. It is within this course of time that these levels of light play a significant role in interior design The effect it has on our colour schemes can be quite dramatic.

Light levels and wall colour choice.



Many of my clients struggle with choosing paint colour for their walls - battling with neutral over bold. We can help you with this of course, but here in the Uk we can be forgiven for not being blessed with the richest of sunlight, but we aim to work the best we can with what nature provides. Light is a challenge sometimes, with fluctuating levels changing by the second!

It is a fact, that the clarity of light effects every colour and changes how we see it.





The Mediterranean, Azure skies


Blackpool,North of England, grey skies

So what can be done?

Aside advice for ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting, we have lighting specialists and electricians that can provide the perfect setting for your mood.



Review your light levels and take action.

Have the correct lighting installed. Recessed lighting is excellent to provide ambient, all over lighting, eco-friendly too if you opt for LED’s. Use task lighting for work related projects and reading. Maximise the amount of light by keeping windows free from bushes and trees outside.

Make sure your window dressings fit the bill.

Maximise light emittance by choosing the correct window dressing. Roman Blinds are excellent light permitters and choose full length voiles for tall windows if your room is not overlooked.



Fresh air is king.

There is nothing better and refreshing than keeping windows open as much as possible in the summer, invigorating your thoughts and removing stale air.

Dust down or take down your curtains and blinds.

Dust down your heavy winter curtains to bring light back into the room. As summer embraces us, those curtains with thick insulation and black out lining may not now seem so welcoming or useful. Clean blinds and repair if necessary. Summer is about living and being more carefree, and we only need half of the paraphernalia in the summer as for the hibernating months. This action does not necessarily incur much cost. Replace curtains with a lightweight fabric of linen voile or even a translucent blind. You may even feel comfortable with removing the whole curtain dressing for the summer season. But don’t be fooled, winter will return so keep you’re furnishing safe and free from dust and damp. Designating then to the shed is not always the best idea!

Revamp the old or bring in the new.



Without a doubt, we have revamped many a curtain dressing! Expensive as curtains and blinds can be, it makes sense to rework them. The initial outlay for curtains made 4 - 7 years ago can be still edited creating something entirely different or appropriate for another window or room. Perhaps you have moved and the curtains from your old house just do not fit, now is the time to make use of them, do not abandon them! There are always ways of re working  a room with the same curtains perhaps shorter or a border added for interest.

New curtains could be all you yearn.


clare-1-optSometimes with a new scheme or a new dream the tired and old just will not float your boat. In our book, this can mean tailor made of ready made. Ready made curtains can surprise; sometimes with good and effective finds from many retailers or the internet. We recommend tailor made for individuality and quality. The look and effect all depends on the use of room, longevity of use, and style you want to achieve. Tracey Andrews Interiors can help you with all aspects of curtains and blinds with a made to measure service and interior design ideas alongside that if desired. All products are constructed with quality materials, and we pride ourselves in offering good value too. We have extensive knowledge of the curtain industry, familiar with all the styles, polestracks and their fitting.We also offer a wide range of fabrics. Give us a call or contact us.

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