It’s nearly here - and are you ready for Christmas yet?  If you’re one of those people who live and dream Christmas for twelve months of the year, then you’re probably sorted. However, many of us love Christmas, but leave organising it until the last minute.

If you’re one of the second group, don’t despair - I have a great time-saving idea for you. How about a pre-decorated Christmas tree? There’s a great selection of decorated Christmas trees available online for delivery - it couldn’t be easier.

Now, before you worry that a pre-lit tree will make your home look like a chain pub lobby, think again. There are some fantastic and really unusual pre-decorated Christmas trees available. To save you even more time, I’ve done some research for you. If you want to be a bit different this year, take a “gander” at these Christmas tree ideas.

Pre-decorated Christmas trees

As I researched this, I was amazed to see how many ready-decorated trees there are out there. If you’re tight for time this festive season, don’t panic, as there’s an amazing choice of styles. From the sophisticated to the downright strange, here are the pre-decorated Christmas trees for 2016 that really caught my attention…

The natural look


Outdoor tree from Cox and Cox

Believe it or not, you can still work understated elegance at Christmas! Go for white or single-coloured lights and a minimum of additional decorations.

This easy-to-assemble outdoor tree comes with 504 white lights (“understated” means something quite different at Christmas!), and creates a lovely, classic look. Perfect to welcome guests by the front door or to sparkle up a balcony or patio, this lovely tree is available from Cox and Cox.

Of course, going for a natural look can be an easy as well as a pretty option. It could be as simple as finding some nice branches when you’re out walking the dog or picking up some hazel twigs at the market, and entwining them with some fairy lights from your local supermarket! Contemporary and very effective, and a great alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.

However, if you prefer to buy your festive branches ready decorated, there are many places where you can buy some lovely versions. Cox and Cox again (and I do love their website!) have some nice ones based on birch trees.

However, this one remains my firm favourite, as it looks so natural and authentic. It’s from Rockett St George, who have a wonderful online Christmas store. Available in three sizes, you can create a lovely display with multiple trees, or have one stand-alone tree as a feature piece.

Birch tree from Rocket St George

Birch tree from Rockett St George


Modern industrial

Taking the natural wood idea a step further, I found this tree browsing through Etsy, and loved its use of reclaimed pallets. Funky, fun, and durable, it can be made to measure. Have a very hispter Christmas!

Wooden tree as seen on Etsy

Wooden tree as seen on Etsy


Or, why not make your own!

Weird and wonderful

Tis the season to be… quirky! Apparently, upside down Christmas trees are a Thing this year. I was a bit sceptical at first (it’s a bit like The Poseidon Adventure when they escape the upturned boat by climbing up an upside down Christmas tree!). However, as these are now mainstream enough to be sold at Argos, this new style is definitely worth a look.

Upside down Christmas tree from Argos

Upside down Christmas tree from Argos

It’s definitely different, and has the bonus of being child-friendly! It’s also more of a challenge for any climbing cats…

Table top trees

If you’d prefer just a token little tree on a shelf or sideboard, or want to go tree-crazy with trees on every surface, a table top decoration is a good option. These are widely available, and usually come pre-decorated. As the name suggests, they make good dining table features.

Any Disney fans would love this from The Bradford Exchange. It has a lovely vintage feel and some great colours!

Disney Princess Tree form The Bradford Exchange

Disney Princess Tree from The Bradford Exchange

For something a little more grown-up (although who wants to be grown-up at Christmas?), I love this table top tree from The White Company. It’s realistic, with classy, subtle decorations.

Potted Christmas tree from The White Company

Potted Christmas tree from The White Company

It has pre-lit twinkling lights, and is displayed in a contemporary zinc pot. As you’d expect from The White Company, it’s great quality, with hand-painted branches to give the most realistic effect. Add delicate little baubles to this, and you have a really special little decoration. If you’re planning a banquet-style feast for Christmas, a row of these potted trees down the centre of the table would look simply stunning.

If you want to create this look yourself, it’s easy enough to buy miniature trees in pots from garden centres and supermarkets. Although be warned, a real one will need watering and may shed on your tablecloth! If you want lights on your mini Christmas tree, it’s definitely easier to buy one that’s pre-lit.


I hope that’s helped you save some time this Christmas! If you’ve never considered a pre-decorated tree before, I really urge you to think again. You can get a fabulously festive look for very little effort - leaving you free for all those other Christmas activities…

If you’d like any more advice about decorating your home, please drop me a line.

Merry Christmas to you all!










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