Space Planning — 3D and 2D.

We can help you with your space planning. It is beneficial to know how to use space to its maximum potential. By placing furniture in their best positions, or suggesting small structural changes, we can transform what was thought of as unusable space into a manageable and enjoyable one. This aids ‘flow’ and the decoration that follows, even more, cohesive. Many clients choose this advice before deciding on any colours or products. Good interior design planning is paramount. Planning the space of a room before any design and colours put forward, is in its self like good preparation before a decorative application can begin. One has to proceed the other or the whole design falls down.

3D Space

3D Space Planning

Floor Plans

2D Space Planning

If you have plans for an extension to your home, or dilemmas of space within your existing, we can assist you with professional space planning.

To do this we use 2D and 3D drawings of different levels of complexity and combined with mood board presentations. We can provide basic level to super realistic renderings as you would see in real time. It is a joy to see these visuals before you embark on a big project.

Take advantage of full Interior Design package to kick start your project: space planning, 3D and 2D drawings and mood board. These can be discussed at our first consultation.

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Dressing Room Render

3D Renderings by David O’Neil

Lismore View 3D Design Decorating Render
Lismore Unit 1, Proposed Interior
La Route De Noirmont
St Brelade

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