‘Have a dream and turn it into reality’ - Tracey Andrews, Interior Designer.

When we talk about interior design what does it mean to you. Do you see your home splashed on the front page of a lifestyle magazine or only assume it would be someone else’s? It’s common fact that most people believe that hiring an interior designer is either too expensive or only accessible for the rich and famous. Whether you crave boutique hotel or urban chic, here is a summary of the process.



Leaving the myths on the doorstep.

‘Hiring an Interior designer’s is expensive, more than my budget can provide.’

You have to think of the bigger picture. An interior designer will not only introduce the best design products and services, they will also save you precious time. If your project is also managed this brings extra assurance and peace of mind. Interior designers work hard to achieve the best results - a small percentage to pay for a project that if mismanaged could go horribly wrong.

‘I could design and manage the project myself.’

Designing and implementing your project takes a lot of man or woman hours. With patience and persistence in your reserves, you may still struggle to have time to address the pitfalls ahead. Hiring an interior designer will take care of every aspect of your project. 



‘Interior designers are only for the rich and famous.’

The costs to engage are of great value when you compare the risk of making mistakes - a designers value is immense. There is no difference in hiring an interior designer to seeking other professionals, whether its an accountant or solicitor, its for you to decide whether having your home designed and managed means value to you.



‘An interior Designers role consists of arranging furniture and plumping up cushions.’

It is a misconception of course. The knowledge of an Interior designer is often underestimated. To be accredited they have to embark on an intensive professional course from diploma to degree level spanning over 5 years. This includes not only learning the principles of interior design; architecture, construction, materials, space planning , colour and form but also learning people skills, managing, negotiating, evaluating and having a good head for figures. The best way to view their role is an interior agent - acting for you, on behalf of you and always.



Project Management.

Not all design practises take an idea to implementation. Some provide ‘take away’ designs that leave you none the wiser to reaching your goal. Here at Tracey Andrews Interiors we like to offer the full project management service as the best option, but we are flexible to every client’s needs. Our duty of care then goes beyond just completing a project, we involve, guide and protect our clients and have great customer care. The result is a home you are proud to live in, well designed and thought out from A - Z

I understand.

It could be a daunting process to consider. How can you be sure that that one service can provide all that confidence in one package? The answer to that is that we have the testimonials, experience, best contractors and craftsman to complete your project and the passion to provide it. 


The process is simple - Six steps to a beautiful home.


 • Initial Ideas 

 • Budget

 • Make an appointment to discuss

 • Decide your design route.

 • Let us design for you

 • The design is implemented.


Initial Ideas

Whether it’s for one room or whole house your first design thoughts are the most significant. These form the cornerstone of your future design and it is important that you hold onto those because you will find that you will always return to them. Consider space - how you plan using it and how you want to feel in it; colours, form, texture and style. Any inspiration that you can gather at this stage, whether physical or in mind will be key. A favourite chair, cherished piece of art or just a feeling that you want to create.


Budget is king. All the best-laid plans need to have a budget.Think carefully before embarking on the ‘big idea’, try to be realistic, and if you are not sure what costs are ahead of you – just ask. Some interior designers will not work without a budget, however, most appreciate a figure to work with. 

Make an appointment to discuss

Meet at your house, on-site or even in a café for a coffee if you prefer. You may have a new build or home extension with sketches and architects plans, or planning a renovation of your existing home. This meeting is important to acquaint with your designer and discuss the services that they can offer. 

Decide your design route.

Interior designers works in different ways. At Tracey Andrews Interiors we provide a three-phase interior design service and project management route, with flexibility in between. Consult/design, implement and project manage. 

Implementation and Project management.

Having your project taken to implementation and managed not only takes the stress from your busy life, you can also be assured that it is under control and leaving you time to conduct family and work commitments.


If you have an idea or dream for your home, a budget and the desire to have it all taken care of then please contact us for a chat. 

Tracey Andrews Interiors.