Shelfie love

Recently we breathed some life into the tiniest of space. A little kitchen broom cupboard dull and cluttered with no specific use, was crying out for some love. Carefully and magically we transformed it into a handsome food pantry and is now adored by all.

The vision

The designing of this new space fuelled inspiration for the rest of the kitchen design which is destined to be completed in a vintage, modern, and industrial style.

The process

The under stairs cupboard with access to the kitchen was stripped, shelved, painted and papered in an old past favourite design; vintage flying ducks wall covering from Grandeco, which is perfect for the style of a larder we were seeking. And, with my new found love of paint colours from Paint by Conran we chose White Floret and some accents of Smashed Berry and Hydrangea Head. Wonderful.



The result

Shelfie Love! The cupboard is now both extremely handsome and useful and sparks new design direction for the rest of the kitchen.

Little bit of history

‘Flying ducks’

So when and where did those kitschy little ducks appear and who had them adorning their walls? It all began in 1938, in The Beswick factory, Stoke-on-trent. The Beswick figurines as they became known were produced for a middle class market and popular as an affordable post war decoration of that time. They were still being churned out right up to the early 1970’s when they ceased making them. They are now very sought after and you can expect to pay the price for an authentic trio of ceramic flying ducks. Would you like to own some, I am on the look out for mine…

Flying ducks










Ideas for you.

Do you have an awkward cupboard that accumulates unwanted items or storage? You know the one - that becomes a black hole of saviour when friends or family arrive! Yes you do I know for sure, we all do, in it goes and its forgotten!

It could be time to act!

Problems occur when you either do not have enough space in your house to allocate everything, or the space is mismanaged. You may like to take a different view and look to revamp a tired and unused space or area?  It’s all about finding ‘a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Why not make more of it and build it fit for purpose and a king!



What rooms of complete changes of or revamps have you had recently? Would love to hear about them.

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