Towing the Retro Line.

So you love vintage, love retro and a splash of colour too? This month, while resourcing retro stoves for a client, I found the variety of products on the market intriguing. What do I mean by this? Well, there are a couple of brands that occupy my knowledge like Smeg, Gorenje Retro and Swan Vintage, but do they cut the mustard for the die-hard retro fanatic? They all offer fabulous 1950’s styling this is true but for me, Big Chill defines the choice for being so authentically retro you could almost believe that they are the real McCoy.


Introducing Big Chill an American appliance company who has opened its supply to the Uk and France. Big Chill go that one step further. You have to take yourself back or imagine the scene; 50’s style stoves and fridges adorning the likes of post-war kitchens. Housewives of the era were finally relieved from their boredom of domesticity and offered fashionable and  fun looking appliances to admire and be proud. There was a shade for every outfit! Thankfully we still have a significant choice of retro appliances today.



A look at the past,the way it used to be. HollyHocksAndTulips.tumbir.com






The stoves offer modern design and excellent functionality, in stunning standard colours and whopping 200 custom colours available if required. There are two sizes; 76cm and 92cm width and constructed of stainless steel. With four burners, authentic chrome trim and capacity for full-size baking tray is a yes for all us ‘foodies’ on a baking mission. Watch a video here.




The Big Chill collection also offers large refrigerators, wall ovens, hoods and microwaves, again in standard and custom colours. Introducing the lines; Retro, and the modern take ‘Pro Line’. Each provides a uniqueness of classic and modern lines, both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Of good size with eye-popping colours reminiscence of the age, and bang on authentic styling, they take us back to that mid-century living when the kitchen was the heart of the home.




The vintage collection Big Chill


Presented on our mood board and in conjunction with the Pantone colours of 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity, we chose ‘Beach Blue’ and ‘Pink Lemonade’, signature colours from the Big Chill collection which fit perfectly into the duo colour palette. Pink Lemonade in reminiscence to the whimsical pale pink of 50’s feminity, emotive and calm, and Beach Blue more punchy and vibrant to the peaceful relaxation of ‘Serenity’, together celebrating the essence of the chosen colours this year representing mindfulness and well-being. A remedy for the stresses of life, and balance of these turbulent times.




Courtesy of Big Chill

Our scheme provides this mood in its calm, fresh and livening overtones, with vintage and retro impressions too. We choose marble and stainless steel worktops and trend setting parquet style tiles for walls. Kitsch table and fun accents of neon and geometric tiles. We aimed to balance the two complementary colours which together destined to add energy could also cause jarring if not controlled.


Do you have plans for your kitchen this year? If you need help with design, layout and style or want to learn more about Big Chill products and where to buy them, contact us. We have collaborations with many kitchen companies offering contemporary and traditional styles. Tracey Andrews Interiors.

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