This summer, taking on an interior design service may be exactly what you need…Summer is a busy time of year. The schools have broken up but work is still happening. You’ve probably got a holiday booked in at some point, which will take additional time and resources. You may even have moved house recently or have a redecoration project planned. Everything feels chaotic, and you don’t know where to start.

You’re dreaming of zen-like spaces, with oodles of storage, and room for everyone. In real life, you’re faced with piles of stuff, school-holiday kids adding to the mix, a work-life balance to juggle, and no headspace whatsoever to begin sorting things out.

Time to call for reinforcements…

How can an interior designer actually help you when everything’s feeling too much? After all, it’s not like we’re providing immediate, hands-on support like childcare or an ironing service! However, I’m a great believer in that if your space is right, and you feel in control of your home, other things naturally and calmly fall into place. There are also many other services that interior designers offer that a lot of my clients were unaware of.

How can we help? My team and I can take all the stress out of interior design by…

Creating the perfect interior design

It can be hard to let go of planning your own dream home, but time constraints may mean that you need to. If you’ve decided to take on an interior designer but have plenty of your own ideas, moodboards are the perfect starting place. By working together to create images of designs, details, colours, and textures you like, the interior designer gets a great idea of what you’re looking for. The advantage of engaging a designer is that they can bring all your thoughts together, and fashion it into a workable design. The ideas and products on a moodboard are no airy-fairy, arty pictures - they are the start of realising your scheme, your design dream. lounge-scandi

I’m always conscious of not adding to an already busy person’s workload. Technology really is on our side these days. My clients and I have all sorts of ways of sharing ideas and designs between us. This approach saves so much time, and enables us to reach decisions easily. It’s about finding a balance between involving the client, and not pestering them for answers all the time. We can exchange ideas through email, text, WhatsApp - whichever form of communication suits you best.

Finding those perfect items

banner-busyLet’s be honest – most of us love shopping, and an interior design project is a great opportunity to do just that. Whether it’s poking around an antique fair, or spending half the night on Pinterest looking for inspiration, shopping for house things is one of life’s joys.

Usually. There are times when even a session on eBay feels like too much; and vintage flea markets definitely lose their appeal when you’re dragging bored kids around them. Delegate!

tableware-896224_1920I’ll trawl the internet, the shops and markets, and contact our own trade suppliers, so you don’t have to. Save the pleasure of shopping for a time when it will be enjoyable, not stressful.

Finding those perfect people!

Sourcing and choosing the right people for the job is often one of the things my clients have found the most daunting. We work with a team of tried-and-tested tradespeople whom I never hesitate to recommend. Everyone we work with provides a friendly, attentive, and first-class service – I wouldn’t engage them otherwise!

We also design kitchens and bathrooms in collaboration with selected suppliers, plumbers and builders; and in this case, I’ll coordinate the entire project for you. Which leads me neatly to…

Managing your design project

And this is the ultimate stress-saver – hand the whole project over, and carry on with work and family life. If there’s someone else managing the project, you can happily continue with everything else you’re doing, knowing that at least one thing is being taken off your hands.

A project could be anything from a new shower room to a complete home redesign or renovation. We’ve worked on projects of all scopes and sizes, and all of them have benefited from being professionally project managed.


The outcome? You’re calm and relaxed, back in control and can enjoy your time away. Everything is in its place, everyone has their own space - and you’ve done this without adding to your stress levels because you’ve outsourced a lot of the work.

Let us help you achieve domestic Nirvana this summer. Why not give me a call, and discuss your project?

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