Ideal Home Show Christmas room sets.

Selected as one of six designers to produce an inspirational room set for Christmas. We were joined by over 90,000 visitors over 5 days, and together provided inspiration for a perfect Christmas interior.

Behind the scenes.

A fascinating time lapse film of the making of the Baroque / Nordic room set.

Baroque / Nordic room set.

A seasonal twist for our Christmas room set. Refreshingly simple with a whimsical air, and layered with elements of surprise. The design drives a collision of two opposite styles; the dramatic influence of Baroque with the simplicity of Scandinavian style. A hint of  sparkle is added to bring the two together highlighting a celebration of Interior Design and Christmas.

 A note from Tracey Andrews

‘I was delighted to design a Christmas room set for the room sets feature at The Ideal Home Show, 2014. There was also extra delight at being present at the show because this year was the last year for Ideal Home at Earls Court, as it takes its last bow and leaves the site after nearly 100 years! There was much to be discovered alongside the room sets, with an abundance of interior products to be purchased from retailers. Much to inspire and admire!

My theme, with the two opposing styles, Baroque and Nordic, brought together the essence of Christmas with a touch of warmth, grandeur and simplicity. For the visitors, the book Christmas tree became the main focus of attention, and such will be featured in Home Alliance Newsletter later this month. I am sure there are going to be many images of it shown to family and friends on their mobiles, and further recreated as an alternative tree this Christmas. I would like to thank everyone who helped me create my set including my wonderful team, and many thanks to the following retailers who kindly loaned me their products.’




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Behind the scenes time-lapse video.

Enjoy the following video of the making of my room set for Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2014.