Grand Designs

Selected to contribute a room set for Grand Designs Live, 2015, featuring a colour blocked scheme and new products for spring and summer.


Exotic garden media library room

A brave summer call - A combined media-related, library room conjures the serenity of colonial style and balmy rain forest. Inspired by an exotic blend of nature’s favourite colour combinations; green and then white, is fired by sun yellow and found by a palette of calming blues. A vibrant backdrop of our own ‘Toco Paradisia’ wallpaper designed by Charlotte Jade, illustrator is enchanting and larger than life. Crisp white flooring, with natural woods, bring all the elements together for a fresh, light and exciting room setting.


Without exception it is a great opportunity from a designers point of view to be part of the Grand Designs room set features, and a great place to be. Immersed in the hub of cutting edge design and rubbing shoulders with the most well known designers such as George Clark, Jo Hamilton and the front man of Channel  4’s Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud, one cannot be more inspired and in ore. During and after the show reflect the endless possibilities of design inspiration and products that in essence make up of what the show is all about.

Charlotte Jade

Charlotte is a free lance print designer and Illustrator. She specialises in bespoke, hand drawn patterns. Her work is used across a variety of mediums such as interiors and fashion. Check out her wonderful designs which will delight the most discerning print and textile hunter!

In the early design stages of Grand Designs room sets, I wanted to incorporate a sectional panel behind the sofa as a removable statement aspect rather than a permanent feature wall. Apart from the fact it offers the option to remove and replace with a new design in the future I do feel the statement wall has been over played. Three panels expand three quarter of the side wall and are stepped in reflection of the central divider/floor unit. In collaboration with Charlotte Jade Illustrator and textile designer ‘Toucan Paridisia’ was design exclusively for the room set. IMG_1225