Roman Blind

Flat Venetian

Wooden Venetian

The styles …

Roller Blind

Roller blinds are functional, stylish and versatile. Suitable for any situation, whether fitted alone or accompanied by curtains. Perfect for inside or outside of recesses and very easy to fit. With minimal stacking they aid natural light, and are excellent for quick fixes or complete privacy. They are good protectors of furniture if intensity of light is an issue. Available in a wide choice of colours, textures and patterns. You have a choice of moisture resistant, and come in part obscure or blackout finishes.

Venetian Blind

Venetians consist of adjustable horizontal slats that are drawn up on a cord system. There is a choice of left or right operation, and of cord colours and tapes. The beauty of this blind option is that it can be fully raised or fully lowered, enabling light to be filtered into your room. But be mindful when choosing Venetians, that the majority of the time the blind is lowered which may obscure light levels. Available in real wood, basswood or aluminium. 15mm - 50mm.

Roman Blind

Clean lines and softer than the roller blind. Roman blinds fold up horizontally in panels and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and economical in fabric. Use alone or in a bay with curtains to the side, and choose manufactured or bespoke with your own fabric. A very versatile blind that never fails to appeal. Headrail options are mechanical sidewinder with silver, brass or plastic chain, or choose baton and cleat. There is the option of interlined or blacked out.

Vertical Blind

In the past more often thought of as an option for offices, but now widely considered for patio or French windows, bedrooms and modern conservatories, they provide good filtering of light and privacy. Vertical panels have a chain system, stacking fully to left or right or split draw giving an abundance of light. They come in a wide choice of fabrics, textures and finishes, including a wooden variety which complements modern situations very well. Blackout panels are available.

… and some of the more fashionable …


Fixed and slatted blinds add a pleasing feature to a room, particularly when seen from outside. Soaring with popularity within the domestic interior they are a wonderful addition to your property. However, you would do well to think carefully before finalising your decision: Shutters are permanent, so should be considered as a long term  investment rather than a temporary fix, and are a more expensive option. There is a range of bespoke painted finishes, but white is classic and timeless.

Panel Blind

Panel blinds are large vertical panels hung on a top rail sliding system. When stacked back they cleverly fit behind each other, and produce a modern and sleek disposition within a room, maintaining the maximum amount of light. Available in many textures and colours, they can be constructed in the customer’s own fabric An excellent choice for large windows, and as room dividers in open plan situations. Definitely the most modern choice for wide expanse of windows and areas that need to be divided.

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