Choosing each stage of the room was a tenacious and fulfilling journey, as together client and designer discovered the perfect fabrics, products and accessories. The result was a restrained Art Deco ambiance with boutique styling.

A winning team

When two heads come together

There is nothing quite as satisfying as knowing that when a project has been accomplished to its full potential, that you know it has been done properly.

In a medium sized property just outside Ware in Hertfordshire, my client Gillian and I discussed a new design for her bedroom. The brief underlined a dilemma. Original thoughts of working with existing furnishings and fittings were first mulled over, and a mood board was presented to highlight the possibilities. But I sensed that Gillian’s thoughts to make do and use past furnishings may change. Sure enough she decided to shake away the tired look of her old bedroom, take the bull by its horns and replace it with a chic and modern space.

We kick-started the challenge by discussing key questions such as colour, style and use of the room, which was to be used only for sleeping and relaxing. My client yearned for pastel blues. Metallics and reflective surfaces were also high on the wish list. A definite out with the traditional and in with the modern; the ambience should be elegant and subtle. Plain sailing from here on in, we kept only the bedside cabinets which completed an Art Deco feel, and a faux leather headboard for boutique elegance.


For one statement wall we chose Love Birds (60123), from Harlequin’s Boutique Collection. This completed a calm backdrop whilst maintaining the serenity of the room.


A mirror fronted polmet in Deco Fume from Byron & Byron, added class and distinction to the clean and elegant lines. A perfect partner for the Deco theme.

Bedside Tables

These delightful Art Deco inspired side tables from Laura Ashley were the only items saved from the previous style, but were the inspiration to follow through with the new style.

Crystal Chandelier

Exquisite flush ceiling pendant from Laura Ashley, with suspended and tiered rectangular clear crystal droplets. Subtly extravagant but in proportion to the ambience of the room.

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